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Animating a Walk Cycle (Manbunny B.T.S.)

Here’s a quick behind-the-scenes look at my process for animating the walk cycle of my Valentine’s Day “Manbunny Vibing” post.  Walk cycles are a great way to hone your character animation skills, and it’s something that I hadn’t done in a while and I felt I was getting rusty.  So I decided to level-up the only way I…  [read more]


Mashable’s Vine #MashMeet Recap

Last week, Deer Whale was honored to join some of the biggest Vine creators for a meetup at Mashable‘s headquarters.  The event was a collaboration between UnPOPular Now and Mashable, and was sponsored by Samsung Mobile US. The evening was all about the Vine community and the creators that make it special.  The guest list was chock-full of…  [read more]


Vine Update: Upload Support

Vine has announced a new update that supports a variety of new features, including new ways to shoot and edit in the app. However, perhaps the most news-worthy (and emotional, for some users) new feature is the ability to upload (or ‘import’) clips from your phone’s camera roll directly into Vine.