About Our Company

Deer Whale Media was founded to help you reach people on the social web.

Our network of principal artists and trusted collaborators
allows us to scale according to your project, and deliver quality content quickly.

Our Services

Deer Whale Media provides production, animation, motion-graphics services. We specialize in creating:

If you need engaging branded content, contact us and we will schedule a time to discuss your project and work with you to create content that speaks to your audience.

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Head of Production


Mark Cordell Robinson Picture

Mark Robinson

Mark produces and creates digital media including: animation, motion graphics, micro-video, and web-video. Mark is the Owner and Founder of Deer Whale Media.

Our Foundation and Structure

Deer Whale Media was founded by principal artist Mark Cordell Robinson in 2014.

Deer Whale’s founding vision was to create a full production studio, whose ability to deliver fantastic content quickly would be based around an open organization of principal artists and trusted collaborators.

While the network of Deer Whale may be large and diverse, the individual pieces operate in a common manner; creating operational efficiencies and a collaborative environment that sharpens the output of each individual and ensures consistent “Deer-Whalian” quality.