Mashable’s Vine #MashMeet Recap

Last week, Deer Whale was honored to join some of the biggest Vine creators for a meetup at Mashable‘s headquarters.  The event was a collaboration between UnPOPular Now and Mashable, and was sponsored by Samsung Mobile US.


The evening was all about the Vine community and the creators that make it special.  The guest list was chock-full of Vine talent: Andrew JiveLawrence Becker, Dylan Blau, Matt Fogarty, Simply Sylvio, Nick Polowy, JadeButter, Pinot (and family), hazelst, Frank Danna, and Hunter Harrison.  Of course, Annie Park and Peter Heacock (of UnPOP) coordinated and hosted the evening.  Mashable had converted several areas of their office into Vine stations where people were able to create and post.  They encouraged Viners to collaborate and post for the #unPOPcollab contest that was running during the week.

I had the pleasure of making a Vine with my friend Andrew Jive.  We shot him arriving at the party in typical animation Viner fashion: through a cloud of hand-painted smoke frames, which we superimposed on the live action and shot ‘All Natural.’  James Dybvig of Mashable played a crucial part by readying the frames for the shoot.  Here’s the final Vine:

Deer Whale was also stoked to be featured in one of Pinot’s Vines pictured next to Simply Sylvio and Nick Polowy:

After the official festivities wrapped at Mashable, the crew moved the party over to a nearby bar for some more libations.  Even though this was the first interaction I’d had with most of these people IRL, we immediately hit off like old friends.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I don’t know of any other social app that has cultivated such a welcoming and creative community.  All hail Vine.  Thanks  to Pete Heacock (of UnPOP) and Annie Park (from Mashable) for organizing a wonderful evening, and of course, Samsung Mobile US for sponsoring!



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